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Grote 6" Amber Oval LED Strobe Light

Grote 6" Amber Oval LED Strobe Light

SKU: 17-PRT-AG596

Standard 6" oval LED strobe in amber.  Used for strobe function in rear or on sides.

  • Lamps mount in any orientation
  • Lamps fit oval standard mounting holes
  • Requires only a 12-volt DC connection for power
  • Plug-and-Go® terminals ensure a quick, easy connection
  • Functions as either a dual flash strobe or a quad flash strobe
  • Circuitry eliminates external power supply/control module need
  • Encapsulant potting offers maximum protection of the circuit board against dirt, moisture and corrosion
  • Tech. Specs

    DTP Part Number: 17-PRT-AG596

    • Color: Amber
    • Length: 0.87"
    • Height: 2.27"
    • Class: Class II
    • Mounting Type: Grommet, Bracket
    • Connection Type: Male Pin
    • Lens Color: Amber
    • Amperage: 0.95A
    • Size: 6"
    • Regulations: FMVSS 108
    • VMRS: 034-001-021
    • Material: Acrylic Lens, ABS Housing
    • Housing Color: White
    • Voltage: 12V
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