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Jost® 17" Landing Gear

Jost® 17" Landing Gear

SKU: 17-PRT-AK187

Jost® Landing gear with 17" of travel. This landing gear is fitted with standard 10x10 sand shoe. Sold Individually: Drive Leg, Slave Leg, Handle, Cross Shaft. This product also sold as a complete assembly listed in the options menu. 

  • Weight: 216 lbs


  • Tech. Specs

    DTP Part Number: 17-PRT-AK187

    • Reinforcing strap at the bottom of the upper housing provides additional strength
    • Double ‘D’ style shaft transfers crank force directly into the gearbox, eliminating force on the bolt
    • Maximum static load capacity of 160,000 lbs when properly braced (as a set)
    • Lifting capacity of 55,000 lbs with 100 ft-lbs of input torque (as a set)
    • Side load capacity of 29,000 lbs (as a set)
    • Outside mount
    • 10" x 10" standard sand shoe

    Gear Ratio:

    • Low Gear: 32 turns = 1" travel
    • High Gear: 3.5 turns = 1" travel
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