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Ratchet Sliding Winch

Ratchet Sliding Winch

SKU: 17-PRT-AJ336

The ratcheting system allows the user to work more efficiently since the winch bar stays in the winch throughout the tensioning process, reducing tensioning time up to 33% and minimizing the risk of winch bar rollover. With a durable black powder coat finish, the winch is well-protected against rust and corrosion and can withstand up to 250 hours of standard salt spray testing.

  • Weight: 9.1lbs
  • WLL: 6000lbs, 2724kgs
  • Tech. Specs

    DTP Part Number: 17-PRT-AJ336

    Weight (lbs) 9.1
    Weight (kgs) 4.1
    Overall Width (in) 8
    Inside Frame Width (in) 4.6
    Frame Height (in) 6.5
    Frame Depth (in) 4
    Max. Strap Width (in) 4
    WLL (lbs) 6000
    WLL (kgs) 2724


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