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SAF-Holland® - Mark "V" - 19" Landing Gear

SAF-Holland® - Mark "V" - 19" Landing Gear

SKU: 17-PRT-AK086

SAF-Holland® Mark "V" landing gear with 19" of travel.  The landing gear is fitted with a 10" x 11" Sand Shoe.  Sold individually: Drive Leg, Slave Leg, Handle, and Cross Shaft.  This product is also sold as a complete assembly listed in the options menu.

  • Weight: 216lbs
  • Tech. Specs

    DTP Part Number:  17-PRT-AK086

    • Lifting Capacity: 62,500 lbs
    • Load Capacity: 200,000 lbs
    • Side load capacity: 46,000 lbs
    • 2.5 turns per inch travel makes it one of the fastest to the ground and back up
    • Specially designed to shift in cold weather with no decrease in performance
    • Double-D crank handle for more stabilized cranking and stronger crank connection
    • Large, rolled, 1-5/8” diameter double lead elevating screw offers added strength and smooth lift
    • Gearbox with low-temperature, premium lube rated for service from -65 °F to 225 °F
    • Large heavy-duty tapered 8-hole mounting plate
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